Where do I find my inspiration?

Where do I find my inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. I am that type of person who files away ideas daily for another time 'just in case'. Usually my inspiration is colour or texture driven. I see a pattern in nature or a colour scheme in interior design or a line of poetry and I wonder 'what can I do with that?'. I like to keep magazines cuttings....I generally am a person who loves paper, the more vintage the better and this can spark an idea for a painting. Sometimes it is just a simple leisurely walk in The Phoenix Park will send me in a dash to get home to paint a landscape. 





In recent months I have been exploring my commission based work with creative and expressive collage based art using photographs as a starting point. As a photographer I have a bank of studio photographs of my two daughters Eva and Lucy as they were growing up. These were stylised vintage studio photoshoots in lavish costumes which I used to borrow from some of my talented dress designer friends. I never knew what to do with these photographs at the time until recently and now I have solved that puzzle by creating these very expressive canvasses using collage and various media such as watercolour, acrylic and alcohol ink amongst other media.

I am now offering a new commission service including photography to create a unique artwork for you incorporating collage. This is a perfect way to preserve the memory of a loved one, a wedding day, your children or even a cherished pet.

If you would like to discuss your commission reach out using the contact page or email elainewattersart@gmail.com. 



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