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Elaine Watters Art

Alcohol Ink -Life as we know it

Alcohol Ink -Life as we know it

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"Life as we Know It" is a captivating piece of artwork by Irish artist Elaine Watters. This alcohol ink on canvas painting takes inspiration from the ocean and brings forth the soothing and serene essence of a coral reef.

Elaine's skilled use of alcohol inks gracefully blends teals, blues, and greens to emulate the tranquil hues of the underwater world. "Life as we Know It" invites you to explore the intricate details that mimic the beauty of the ocean's depths, creating a sense of calm and wonder.

This artwork is an ideal addition to any art collection or space that seeks to infuse a touch of natural beauty. Elaine has the ability to capture the ocean's allure and  making "Life as we Know It" a perfect choice for those who appreciate the simplicity and draw of the sea. Make this artwork a part of your home to bring a subtle touch of oceanic beauty to your surroundings.

Alcohol ink on canvas framed in a contemporary and generous sized off-white frame size 107cm x 81cm. A dramatic edition to your home.

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