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What is Alcohol Ink?

One of my favourite mediums is Alcohol Ink and it always creates a raised eyebrow when people ask my what medium I am using in my artwork on display. The vibrant colours attract people's attention as they are intense and literally jump off the canvas.

So alcohol inks are brightly coloured dye-based paints that are most often used to create free and expressive flowing textures due to their high fluidity. They are quick drying (and also highly potent and flammable in their fluid state) so I tend to paint with them in my garden during the Summer months to avoid their strong and alcoholic fumes.

'A Vibrant Life' Elaine Watters 2022

But there is something magical about them as they are quite difficult to control and therefore they deliver 'surprises' half way through the process. Sometimes I see animals, mammals and sea creatures in my are just a few for example....

'Octopus' Elaine Watters 2022