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Creativity in Lockdown

I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative. I am a self-taught artist and my own personal art journey started over 3 decades ago in school, when I prepared my portfolio for Art College. However along the way, I changed career path and opted instead for a Business Degree and career in Pharmaceutical Marketing.It's funny how in life you always gravitate back to where you are supposed to be. I never stopped being creative over the years, becoming a paper crafter, scrapbooker, Jewellery maker, furniture upcycler and more recently I developed my passion for photography. ​ I live close to the Phoenix Park in Dublin and find lots of inspiration for photography and painting from vibrantly coloured nature and the beautiful scenery on my doorstep. During lockdown, this was a great resource for me as I was missing access to the sea with restrictions on movement. So I began to paint seascapes and landscapes instead and this helped me rekindle my love of art. Over the past year I have explored many styles and I have discovered my love of colourful and vibrant textured art which involve interesting mark-making and a loose style of painting. I am excited to show you the results now here in my website. I pride myself on quality product materials and framing and excellent customer service. Thank you for visiting! Elaine

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