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My Garden Exhibition- July 2021

I started painting again in early 2021 after a long hiatus. There's nothing like a Pandemic and all of it's restrictions to focus the mind to find new ways to amuse yourself when there's not much going on outside your door. I found painting helped me to relax and distract me from the news headlines. It's a sort of meditation which completely transports you into another place.

I painted daily and I started posting on Facebook and Instagram and people started reaching out to me telling me which ones they liked best. By the Summer, when we were starting to open up society again, I was thinking of ways to show people what I had been doing in lockdown while also seeing old friends again in real life which didn't involve Zoom meetings. My idea was to hold a small garden art exhibition and this is the result. It was a beautiful day and we had a small group of friends from my choir over to the garden. It was a lovely way to see everyone again and I guess this was the start of Elaine Watters Art!

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